Space opera. It’s a real thing.

Space opera is a real subset of science fiction. According to, “Space opera is a genre of science fiction literature, and the term can also be applied to movies and TV programs. The genre has almost no relationship to the opera music form, except for the similarity of grand scope and dramatic intensity. Typically, space opera occurs on a galactic scale, has multiple types of spacecraft, from speedy corvettes to battleships capable of destroying planets. There is plenty of action and adventure in space opera.”

Well-known Space operas include Doctor Who, The Foundation series, and the Ancillary Justice series (which I just read and would highly recommend).

Crowdfund a Walter Potter Documentary

Recently, I’ve been reading and writing about taxidermy, largely inspired by a taxidermy bird at a friend’s house, largely inspired by reading about Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter. You can imagine my excitement upon reading that Ronni Thomas, creator of the Midnight Archive, plans to document Potter’s life. Holy shit, that’s awesome. If I have any disposal income this summer, I may chip in to his Kickstarter. You should too.