Meta-Prompts: Writing Writing Exercises and Writing with Writing Exercises

Meta-prompt for creative writers…

Steve Halle

Writing exercises or prompts are codified, developed, and tested methods to invent or generate new writing or to work on certain elements of craft in writing.

Writing exercises or prompts develop in two main ways. First, writing prompts come out of writing constraints that authors either establish as a writing experiment or recognize as valuable or significant in the wake of writing a piece that sustains enough interest to perhaps pursue repeatedly and be of value to writers besides the author.

Writing prompts, then, attempt to achieve one or more of several outcomes. First, writing prompts act as a codification of or bridge between the “sacred” moment of impulse or inspiration that drives a work, attempting to capture and define the scaffolding or structural elements of a significant moment and see if that moment might be formally replicated or filled out with new content. Second, writing prompts serve as a…

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