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by Eric Hawthorn


Dinner is a plop of low-sodium, a side of fat-free, a small helping of high-fiber. The man and his wife mostly glare at their plates while the kids argue over the facts of a video game. Tap water to drink. No dessert. After, digital clocks everywhere crawl toward the night, blur at the later hours, then sharply announce 1:00 AM.

The man struggles out of bed, silent as possible. His wife snores on.

There’s a produce drawer no one opens. It holds a few suspicious onions and a beet that’s just about fused to the plastic. Once you get past the horror, this is a perfect hiding place. The man has lasted 14 days. 14 days = 336 hours = a whole lot of minutes, and he’s barely complained. After 14 days his gut still lunges over the tabletop.

Before him, his ruin wears a…

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