Don’t worry, this post isn’t about my paranoia. (Although, I’ll consider that topic for future posts.) Rather, in this week’s The New Yorker, appears a never-before-published Shirley Jackson short story, Paranoia. TNY also features an interview with Shirley Jackson’s son, Laurence Jackson Hyman.

Here is what I learned from the interview:

1. Unpublished works by Jackson were found after her death. While some have been published, others haven’t yet been so. However, her children are considering publishing another book of her work.

2. Like me, a bunch of other people have fallen in love with Shirley Jackson all over again. And, concurrently, all twelve of her novels and story collections are in print.

3. Hyman describes Jackson’s Life Among the Savages and Raising Demons as “slight embellishment, perhaps—of our family’s adventures.” Frankly, I could never tell if the stories in these books were intended to be fiction or non-fiction, but after reading this, it sounds like they are a fictionalized memoir.

I plan to read Paranoia this weekend as I soak up some rays on Catalina Island.


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